Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chicago's Corrupted Politics

Chicago governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested due to suspicion of corruption. Blagojevich was supposedly trying to make a profit for Obama's soon to be open senate seat. There is a recorded conversation of Blagojevich discussing how he will be getting something for Obama's senate seat. Supposedly, he even considered giving himself the senate seat. To me, this comes as no surprise for Chicago is known for having corrupted politics. As of now, Obama says to have no knowledge of Rod Blagojevich's actions so I believe we should respect that. Here is a quote I found from the recording:

I mean of course we should look into it to make sure Obama took no part in this, but this should not be effecting Obama. There is talk of this hurting Obama when it is possible he is completely innocent in this situation. I think people should stop making assumptions and wait to hear the facts and believe the facts they hear. As a local Chicagoan, I am disappointed to know we can't trust the people we appoint to powerful positions. This current Rod Blagojevich scandal creates all types of questions as to who was involved and what other corruption has Blagojevich taken part in in the past. This scandal is still evolving and it will be interesting to see where it all ends up.

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Rshibu's bLoG :] said...

When i first heard about the scandel dealing with Rod Blagojevich, i was so shocked and angry. How could our governor do this? Trying to sell President elect- Obama's senator seat, is illegal and morally wrong. With this happening and rumors circulating whether Obama and Jackson Jr took part of the scandel, people are worried. Like you said, people shouldnt just assume anything instead wait for the facts. As we all know, in america "we are all innocent unless proven guilty"