Monday, April 27, 2009

Earth may be Overrated

As we recently passed Earth Day, a movie came out in its honor. The movie, entitled Earth, is a film about wildlife families and the journeys they face. I have not personally seen the film yet, but I plan to. My mom is a sixth grade science teacher and took her class on a field trip to watch the movie. The kids enjoyed it and so did my Mom. However, she said it was too similar to the hit television series Planet Earth and was actually worse and too brief. This is just one opinion, but I am sure I will feel similarly when I finally view the film. Planet Earth was so extraordinary and eye-opening and it is hard to top it. I am sure Disney did a fantastic job with the movie Earth, but again I feel it is for younger ages or for viewers who did not see Planet Earth; it would just be a let down.

Now that I've sounded extremely bias against this movie, I am all for earth day and helping the environment. The thing I like mostly about this viewing event on Earth Day was:

" For every 'Earth' ticket sold [on] Tuesday, [Disney planted] a tree in your honor."

This is a fantastic way to promote a movie as well as better then environment. If you have seen the movie Earth please comment and let me know if it is worth seeing in theaters, a "renter", or a knock-off of planet earth.