Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is it possible for it to be too quiet?

So many new cars come out every year it is hard to keep track of them all. One of the latest selling points in cars has being how quiet a car can be while you drive. Everyone loves to relax while they drive and nearly soundproof cars are very popular. I just read an article from ABC Science news about how quiet cars give people a false sense of security. Australian researcher Dr. Mark Horswill recently quoted, "The main design principle of making cars these days to be as quiet as you possibly can, is actually a real problem for road safety." After reading through this article, I completely agreed with Horswill. I understand why people would like to have a quiet car ride, however I realize the danger in it. You could be driving twice as fast as you think you are, but wouldn't notice it cause it is silent. Noise helps trigger our reactions so it helps us drive the speed limit, hear car horns and also listen for sirens. It does not only risk the drivers safety but also other people on the road as well as off the road. I personally feel we need to rethink where we want to go with car manufacturing and consider the effects of sound. My car, a Honda CR-V, is far from sound proof and I love it because I am more aware while driving and can hear little things such sirens in the distance and the noise of my engine telling me I need to slow down. I feel it is a necessity to be able to use all five of your senses to be fully aware of your environment.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Barack Obama's view on Education

As a student and a future parent, education is very important to me. I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to politics and I don't fully understand every issue the candidates are forced to make an opinion on. However, education is an issue I can relate to and therefore care about in this upcoming election. Barack Obama's view on education is that there are not enough high-quality teacher's in every classroom across America. Part of the reason why classrooms are lacking good teachers is that 30% of teachers across America are giving up the teaching profession shortly after starting. Barack wants to start training, hiring and rewarding teachers across the country. I agree with this solution as long as the reward for the teachers is large enough. Teachers have a huge impact on the people we become as a country; without good teachers, our country's population will be poorly educated and probably not very successful. Obama also believes that we need to start educating children at a younger age. I strongly agree with this opinion because the younger we are, the easier it is to learn. For example, it is easier for children to start learning a second language at a young age rather then starting when they are 12. Barack and Biden's plans are to create better child care so its easier on working families, increase Head Start funding so children will be better educated at a younger age, and increase funding for the Federal Charter School Program which would help create better and stronger school systems. These are just a few of the actions Obama plans to make if he is elected president. I strongly agree with Barack Obama's education plans to help change and improve education across the country. John McCain's views on education are not as equalizing as Obama's. McCain for the most part believes in school's competing for the best teachers instead of trying to get good teachers in every school. John McCain also says, "If a school will not change, the students should be able to change schools." This is easier said then done. A lot of students are stuck at a school due to location and finances. McCain has some good educational plans, however I agree more with Barack Obama's educational views.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008