Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are you LOST?

I have been a fan of ABC's television series LOST, which is about survivors of a plane crash finding themselves on an island, stranded, with no help. I did not watch the first two seasons while they were actually on, I had to cram them in during a summer. Fortunately for me, I became obsessed and finished them easily within three days. The twists and turns due to the brilliant mind of J.J. Abrams leave some viewers lost and confused. Now that some of the survivors are off the island, they are being told they must return, while those left on the island are trying helplessly to be home and to stop the "time hopping". The whole idea of the time jumping for those survivors still on the island is brilliant. You realize from previous seasons such as 3 and 2, when the cast heard noises and thought it was the others, they realize it was actually themselves because they get sent back in time. In essence, they are there own enemy. Not to confuse you, there are actually other people on the island, but half the time it was them scaring themselves. From one of the most recent episodes they showed Sawyer and his group paddling in the rain in a long, narrow boat. I remember seeing a flash of this in a prior season, possibly 3 or 3. You had no idea then why you were seeing a boat in the rain, but we now know it was Sawyer. I love a show that makes you think hard and LOST is definitely a show in which you have to pay attention to every detail. Things are coming together and new wild and crazy turns are happening as well. Its a love hate relationship, I hate waiting seven days to watch the next episode.