Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Silky Teeth

One my favorite websites, ABC Science, I found an interesting article in which scientists discussed how silk might be the key element in replacing damaged teeth or bones. Professor David Kaplan (from Tufts University) says, "Spider and silkworm silks are among the strongest natural fibers." I found this fascinating because you always see how strong silk is in spider webs and such when you see insects getting stuck in them. Other scientists throughout the article talked about how the silk has incredible attributes among tension and compression. It is tough and has more strength then one could know. Knowing these characteristics, scientists are looking into using silk to rebuild teeth and bones. Testing shows it is not harmful to humans, therefore it could be used for these wanted purposes. Silk is also extremely durable so it will not break down easily and if it did, no harmful acids would be placed into the human body. I personally feel, the more natural and non harmful substances we find, we should use. The planet as a whole will run out of resources and technology and man made substances will not be able to fix and create everything. We must keep finding more and more natural resources which we can use to create important things such as using silk to make bone matrix to help create new bone and teeth.

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